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Navigating Holiday Celebrations for Small Hospitality Gems

As the festive season approaches, small businesses in the Australian hospitality sector are gearing up for the jolly hustle. It's not just about meeting demands; it's about creating memorable experiences during Christmas and New Year's celebrations. We’ve done some digging to discover what you need to know about technological innovation in the hospitality industry and how it can serve as a guiding light for small establishments, ensuring efficiency and excellence during the bustling holiday rush.



Challenges and the Australian Landscape

As we brace ourselves for the Christmas and New Year rush, embracing technology for your venue becomes not just an operational upgrade but a lifeline that is almost essential for success. While larger establishments may weather staffing challenges differently, small businesses face unique hurdles during the holidays – tight budgets, limited staff, and a desire to maintain that personal touch.

When it comes to payments, catering to diverse preferences is essential for small businesses, as people are increasingly changing the way they want to pay. In fact, over 45% of Australians prefer digital transactions, and given that at Christmas there is an influx of tourists, there is a need to take a flexible approach during the holidays.


Solutions for Small Businesses


With the growth of the hospitality market and the government's plans to invest more in the tourism and hospitality industry, now is the opportunity for small businesses to leverage technology. The government's commitment to bolstering the sector provides a favourable environment for innovation and growth. It makes sense to do some investigations regarding the latest technology and to ultimately, take advantage of this opportunity, as it can help you to build an environment around your establishment that strategically sets it up for success. Utilise technology to your benefit, not just as a response to challenges but as a proactive measure to thrive in a flourishing industry.


Embrace QR Code Ordering

There are still a number of small businesses that shy away from this technology because it eliminates their service's personal touch, which many see as the charm of small businesses. However, QR code ordering is not just a trend; it's a lifeline for small businesses and has been proven to increase sales – by as much as 20-40%, according to Hospitality Magazine.


Integrating QR Codes into your operations not only enhances efficiency but also preserves that distinct personal touch that sets your establishment apart, especially in this era of heightened demand. In moments of peak activity, where your staff may be engaged in serving certain customers, others in the queue might experience impatience as they await their turn to place an order. Implementing a QR code system significantly empowers customers by granting them more control over their experience at your venue, contributing to an elevated level of customer service. This innovative approach doesn't replace your staff's personal service and warm welcome; instead, it complements it, ensuring that technology becomes a valuable ally in enhancing the overall customer experience. With this solution, you can effectively cater to all your customers' needs, even during busy hours, creating a seamless and customer-centric environment that fosters satisfaction and loyalty.

Interestingly, Australian Fintech found that over 92% of hospitality venues have adopted this technology, which has streamlined the ordering process and reduced the strain on limited staff.

QR Codering and Pay at Table at a Restaurant

Managing Staffing Constraints

With QR code ordering, the burden on staffing is alleviated. Automating the ordering process allows for a smoother workflow, minimising the impact of limited personnel during the holiday rush. Small businesses can embrace technology to fill staffing gaps, ensuring that the festive season remains a joyous occasion for patrons and staff.


Diverse Payment Options

Understanding the diverse preferences of customers during the holidays, particularly when it comes to payments, is crucial.

With an influx of tourists during the holiday season, venues are expected to have different payment methods - from digital transactions to international cards and traditional cash that might appeal to various customers, including international tourists. This adaptability ensures that small establishments cater to the unique needs of their diverse clientele.

Small businesses need to navigate the surcharge landscape carefully during the holiday rush. Depending on the customer base and preferences, establishments can adopt a strategic approach to surcharging.



As the Australian hospitality industry readies itself for the Christmas and New Year rush, technology emerges as the key differentiator. Embracing QR code ordering and optimising payment systems not only addresses staffing challenges but positions businesses to capitalise on the holiday surge. By staying ahead of the digital curve, establishments can navigate the complexities of staff expenses, labour laws, and customer expectations during this festive season.

The mantra is clear: leverage technology beat the staffing crisis and make the most of the holiday cheer. In doing so, you can help your business survive the holiday hustle and thrive.


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