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3 Ways to optimise your Oolio Platform for Father's Day

This Father's Day, turn your café and restaurant into THE spot where families flock to treat their awesome dads to an experience they'll never forget! Here at Oolio, we're all about making things delightfully easy and taking your customer's experience up a notch. 

Whilst you may think we’re just about buttons and screens, we’re not – we're your partner in optimising your business and making magic happen. Oolio Platform exists as the operational backbone your restaurant needs and will empower you to craft an extraordinary day for fathers and their families. From hassle-free operations to supercharged customer experiences, Oolio's got your back every step of the way. Here are just a few ways Oolio will help you.  



Create customised menus with ease

If you are looking for a simple solution that allows you to create a tailored menu that resonates with dads and their loved ones, look no further. Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly create and update special menus from the back office easily. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual updates and set up an automated Father’s Day Special menu in advance!

fathersday-custom menu-oolio


Showcase Limited-Time Creations

Elevate the celebration by introducing exclusive, limited-time items that embody the spirit of Father's Day. Oolio Platform enables you to seamlessly add these creations to your menu with ease! Use Oolio QR Ordering and Online store to flaunt your limited-time offers!  




Simplify Staff Management with Deputy Integration

Bookings and specials are not the only aspects of running a business. Organising and scheduling labour is something all businesses need to contend with. Fortunately, our native integration with Deputy allows you to efficiently manage your staff's schedules and responsibilities completely without breaking a sweat.



With Father’s Day approaching, managing and optimising your operations will be easier than ever with the Oolio Platform. 

More tips to bring in more customers: 

Smooth operations and being adequately staffed are just one aspect of Father’s Day. As Facilitating Celebration is in our DNA, we wanted to share a few other thoughts on ways you can boost your Father’s Day.

  • Transform your venue with Father's Day-themed decorations that add a festive touch.
  • Enhance the celebration by hosting engaging events that complement your offerings.
  • Connect and engage on social media by promoting your Father's Day specials on social media. Use your Oolio Platform to highlight mouth-watering dishes and promotions on your QR Code ordering system or Online Store, engaging with your audience and boosting excitement.

Whether you're turning your café into a dad-joke haven or transforming your restaurant into a dad's dream feast, Oolio is here to make it a blockbuster Father's Day. With Oolio platform in your corner, you can rest easy that the components you need to operate smoothly are all under control and can go about concentrating on how your venue will help create memories that'll make fathers and families smile for years to come. Get ready to celebrate big and celebrate right – with Oolio.