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5 Spooky Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant This Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time for your restaurant to conjure up some bewitching marketing magic and to set your business up for success.




You may have some ideas already that you are thinking of, but just in case, let’s take a look at some devilishly creative marketing ideas to make your restaurant the go-to spot this Halloween:


1. Eerie Specials

Create a menu of spooktacular dishes that capture the essence of Halloween. Why not give your dishes spooky names for the day, like "Witch's Brew Stew" or "Pumpkin Patch Risotto." Ensure your menu caters to both the adventurous and those seeking familiar flavours. Highlight these specials through eye-catching social media posts and on your website.

Cocktails and drink specials are essential.

If your restaurant has a bar, you should consider implementing special cocktails, such as blood-red vampire drinks. If you've left it to the last minute and don't have time to create new drinks, you could simply rename existing drinks at your venue to fit the theme, like 'Spooky G&T.' Don't be afraid to get creative. Make sure to promote these specials to your customers, whether it's through an email send-out or simply on your social media accounts.

TIP: Ensure that if you change the names of menu items, you update your POS system to avoid staff confusion and reduce any mistakes or mischarging customers.


2. Wicked Discounts

Treat your customers to Halloween-themed discounts. Offer "BOO-1-Get-1" deals, spooky season happy hours, or discounts for diners in costume. Share these promotions on social media and in your email newsletter to build anticipation. Here are some other discount ideas you might consider implementing:

  • Social Media Exclusive: Promote a secret Halloween discount code on your social media channels, encouraging customers to mention it when ordering to receive a surprise discount.
  • Ghostly Takeaway Specials: Provide a discount on takeout orders placed on Halloween night, perfect for those who prefer a cozy night in.
  • Haunted Hour: Offer a late-night "Haunted Hour" with discounts on select items for those looking for a post-Halloween party snack.
  • Spooky Happy Hour: Extend your happy hour and offer discounts on drinks and appetizers during Halloween week or weekend.
  • Early Bird Special: Create an early dinner special for customers who dine during the early evening hours.
  • Costume Discount: Offer a percentage discount to customers who dine in and wear a costume on Halloween night.


3. Costume Competitions

Host a costume competition for your customers. Encourage them to arrive in their Halloween costumes and offer prizes for the most creative, spooky, or amusing costumes. You can have different categories to appeal to a wider audience. Take photos and share them on social media to generate excitement.

You can target this more toward families with children's dress-up competitions and hold a separate one for adults.


4. Haunting Decor

Transform your restaurant into a Halloween haven with decorations. Think spiderwebs, mummies, skeletons, and pumpkins. Engage customers by inviting them to guess the number of lollies in a jar or find hidden tokens that can be exchanged for treats.

You can go as big or as small as you'd like, but any sort of decorations around the venue can really attract customers. If you've left it until the last minute or just want to do some small things, think spooky music, dimmer lighting, dark tablecloths, etc.


5. Spooky Social Media

Leverage social media to engage your audience. Create a Halloween-themed hashtag for your restaurant and encourage customers to share their dining experiences. Post captivating photos of your themed dishes and decor. Consider hosting a social media contest with a prize for the winner. Make sure to update your social media accounts regularly.



Remember, a well-executed Halloween marketing campaign can be a thrilling way to connect with your customers and boost your restaurant's visibility. Be sure to capture the fun on social media, and watch as your restaurant becomes a Halloween haunt to remember! In addition to these marketing ideas, it's crucial to ensure that your hospitality technology is in good working order for the day. Given that there may be a lot happening at your venue during the Halloween period, it's vital that your hospitality technology is both reliable and operational. Oolio Platform offers you just that: Get in contact with us today to hear more about how we can help streamline your hospitality operations.