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Celebrating Pia’s journey at Oolio Pay

Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series, where we honor the remarkable individuals driving success within our company. Today, we turn our focus to Pia Davis, the General Manager of Oolio Pay, whose journey epitomises dedication, growth, and a profound passion for the hospitality industry.

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Meet Pia

Pia’s story with us began in 2014 when she joined Vectron, now known as bepoz. Starting part-time in marketing after maternity leave, she found a connection she couldn’t shake. Transitioning to a sales coordinator role, Pia immersed herself in multiple aspects of the business. In this role she was exposed to partnership responsibilities, paving the way for her latest position as General Manager at Oolio Pay.


Hospitality experience

Like many employees who work within the company, Pia was no stranger to the world of hospitality. In fact, prior to joining us, Pia had honed her skills working in a bakehouse, café, and as a pizza topper. She had first hand experience of the challenges that owners and employees face on the front line. It was this that helped her be the leader she is today as her experience in connecting with customers and navigating diverse businesses has laid the foundation for her success at Oolio Pay.

"In hospitality, I loved meeting all types of people and being able to connect with them. I have a love for people and connecting, so that was definitely a highlight for me."


Experience with bepoz and OOLIO

Pia's journey from marketing to General Manager reflects her adaptability and commitment to the company. She openly expresses pride in her role at Oolio Pay, considering it one of her greatest achievements in her career. Pia's highlights extend beyond professional milestones, encompassing meaningful connections with customers and fostering a familial atmosphere within the team.

“Oolio Pay is my baby; one of the great achievements I hold close to my heart whilst working at the company.”

Pia's highlights are not just professional achievements but moments of genuine connection with customers. Oolio Pay stands out as her proud creation, a testament to her dedication to the growth and success of the company.


Pia Horse Riding


Beyond her role at Oolio Pay, Pia finds solace in horse riding, a passion she has nurtured for two-and-a-half years, providing balance and focus amidst the bustling world of business.

As we celebrate Pia's journey, we applaud her leadership, passion, and the invaluable contributions she brings to the business. Join us in honoring Pia and the countless women like her who drive excellence in the workforce and beyond.